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We are pleased to announce that the parfleche painting and rawhide painting cookies are on line and ready for purchase!
These are used to paint parfleche bags and parfleche cases as made by American Indians

Parfleche painting cookies for painting rawhide bags and parfleche cases, also great prices on ermine/weasels skins/hides.

We are most happy to announce that our parfleche painting cookies are now on line! One of our favorite art and craft forms is American Indian Parfleche. This is truly a beautiful form of Indian Craft. Many of the old American Indian parfleche bags or parfleche cases and other painted American Indian rawhide pieces in museum and private collections were painted with cookies. We have made every effort to revive the cookies as they were found on the Plains and the Plateau before 1900. The pigments we use in these parfleche paints are either the same natural earth pigments used long ago or trade pigments traded at Westrn trading posts before 1900.
Here at BeadMatch we are constantly looking for quality products that will help with the creative processes in our clients work. At our pre grand opening event in Lewiston, Idaho at the yearly Material Culture of the Plains, Prairie, and Plateau Indian Conference we sold out our ermine supply almost immediately. http://www.mcppp.org/ I have a close Santee Sioux friend who calls them "ermits" instead of ermine. It has a nice ring to it. Everyone I mention this to begins calling them ermits, maybe you will start calling them that too! We are also working on an exclusive pre waxed thread that is very strong and is a very good emulation of the thread common to American Indian beadwork before and shortly after 1900. Scroll down the page to see the ermine.

Paint Cookies

Parfleche Painting Cookies in Old Natural Mineral Pigments and Trade Pigment Colors. Our parfleche paints are self sizing so if they are applied to the rawhide in a correct manner there is no rub off or smearing of the painted parfleche.

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Ermine skins and Weasels hides

Craft grade ermine/weasels. We have a limited supply of craft grade ermine a few times a year and when we have those they will be listed here.
Please look sizing and pricing

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Contact Information

Marie & Andrew Gussmann, PO Box 1995, Browning, MT 59417-1995
phone: 406-450-5876
mail: beadmatch@gmail.com