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Selected Books about: Vintage Italian Seed Beads, American Indian Art, Native Americans, Beadwork, Seed Beads, and more!

We will try to bring you a few titles that will be useful to those who either are interested in American Indian beadwork, those who actually make things with seed beads (Italian seed beads) , or those who do research into the broad area of American Indian Studies (Native American Studies). Some of the titles that will be added to this category are out of print meaning they are no longer available from the publisher, some are new books of interest that we deem appropriate for the site.

The 4 Volume Boxed Set

This set is a 1500+ page, 4 volume, lavishly illustrated boxed set of reference books that details the history and culture of the Blackfoot Nation in Montana. The books were years in the making and have many historical photographs, some of which cover Blackfoot history before the establishment of the Blackfoot Reservation around Browning, Montana. This set is perfect for those interested in either the Blackfoot Nation or Plains Indians.
Proce - $300 + Shipping

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Pikunni Biographies

Working on "The Blackfoot Papers" has been a labor of love for Adolf Hungry-Wolf during the past 44 years, as he received neither payment nor funding of any sort. Furthermore, profits from the sale of this work will be used to support the continuation of Blackfeet heritage and culture.
Size Approximately: 12 inches X 10 inches, 30.48 cm X 25.4 cm, 6.54 lbs, 2.96 kg 613 pages.
Book Price - $95 + Shipping

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Pikunni Portfolio

The project of assembling "The Blackfoot Papers began when Adolf Hungry-Wolf bought a collection of old photographs for a few dollars at an estate sale, as he was graduating from high school. At that time he was already completing his third book for publication, a photo-history of some well-known railroads. From the beginning, tribal leaders and elders encouraged his work, telling him stories and identifying persons and scenes in the old photos. In the process, he turned a childhood fascination for native culture and history into a commitment and way of life. Numerous descendants of the people in those old pictures have become his closest friends and relatives--his own children among them. Signed by the author!
Size Approximately: 12'' X 10'', 30.48 cm X 25.4 cm, 2.80 lbs, 1.27 kg 203 pages.
Book Price - $65 + Shipping

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Pikunni History and Culture

"The Blackfoot Papers" is a four-volume tribal documentary covering the history and culture of the Blackfeet Nation of Montana, traditionally known as the Pikunni People. Hundreds of stories and anecdotes by and about the Pikunni--both past and present--are combined with nearly 3,000 illustrations --many in colour--showing all the tribal chiefs and leaders, along with the heads of most families, their women and their children. Also shown are hundreds of scenes of tribal encampments, home and family life, cultural festivals and sacred ceremonials.
Signed by the author!
Size Approximately: 12 inches X 10 inches, 30.48 cm X 25.4 cm, 3.625 lbs, 1.644 kg 290 pages.
Book Price - $75 + Shipping

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Pikunni Ceremonial

"When I started this project in 1962," recalls Adolf Hungry-Wolf, "it was planned as a memorial to a culture that everyone thought was dying out. Revival of Blackfoot culture since then has turned this work into a handbook for those struggling to keep alive Blackfoot heritage and culture for the future." Adolf Hungry-Wolf is a writer, historian and ceremonialist born in Southern Germany of Swiss and Hungarian parents. After schooling and university studies in California, he apprenticed himself to elderly medicine men and ceremonial leaders of the Blackfoot Confederacy. He learned to understand and practice many of their traditional, nature-oriented, ways. For over thirty years, he and his family have been holders of two of the Confederacy's revered medicine bundles. He continues to follow a simple lifestyle on his family's isolated homestead in the Canadian Rockies, where four of his children grew up with culture, prayers, home schooling and wild animals. Signed by the author!
Size Approximately: 12'' X 10'', 30.48 cm X 25.4 cm, 4.85 lbs, 2.20 kg 413 pages.
Book Price - $85 + Shipping

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The Proceedings of the 1984 Plains Indian Seminar

This is another important work that came out of the Cody conferences held at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming. The book is out of print being originally a short run printing. We have a few "as new" copies of this book for your library. The book contains 89 photos and drawings. Articles include: How to Avoid Buying Artifakes by Norm Feder, The Forgery of Native American Art and It's Detection by Toby Herbst (this one contains a complete expose' of the fake "Crow" otter skin bowcase and quiver that was displayed at the New York Metropolitan Museum in the 1980s. Another article is artifake detection by Mark Miller, other articles by Bill Holm, Benson Lanford, and Dick Pohrt. This is a must have work for anyone creating replicas, original works, and/or doing restoration work on old pieces. Lots of information on the subject of American Indian Art and uae of materials. This includes Italian seed beads, hawk bells, trade cloth,brain tanned hides, Venetian seed beads, pony beads, or pound beads.
Book Price - "As new" copy of this scarce out of print title. $25 + Shipping

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