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the best in vintage Italian seed beads!

Got an eye for detail? Well then, you need to see the latest line up of exciting new colors on our Micro Bead Card #5. If you are looking for hard to find colors and sizes, check out our new Vintage Italian Seed Bead Cards #7 and #8. We offer over 100 new colors and sizes, plus a fresh selection of Pony Beads at your disposal. (see "Samples" page) and the Parfleche Painting Cookies are Now Ready For Painting Rawhide Bags and Envelopes!(see "Materials" page) These Parfleche Painting Cookies Are Made the Old Way So You Can Paint Parfleche in the Old Way! These rawhide painting cookies have not been readily available for nearly a century or more! Add Them To Your Parfleche Painting Kit!

Humor with donkies and parfleche painting.

We carry Vintage Italian Seed Beads, Paints for Painting Parfleche the Old Way, Ermine/Weasel skins, Selected Books, Old Hawk Bells, Special Lighting for the Craft Worker and Collector.

   A love of American Indian Art especially in the form of beadwork had motivated us to search the international market for vintage seed beads, specifically "Italian seed beads", and more specifically "vintage Italian seed beads". By sheer happenstance we were able to make contacts through friendship, and we were alerted to an old warehouse with a stock of vintage Italian seed beads. Vintage Italian seed beads are the seed beads of choice for doing repair/restoration, replication, and newly designed pieces in the old style and traditions in the era from 1865 through 1900. We will do our best to match and/or provide the vintage seed bead colors and sizes that you need to acquire to complete your repair/restoration, replication, and new project. We have sold our stock of vintage seed beads to the top restoration experts in North America Indian Art. We have also sold vintage Italian seed beads to the author of the leading book on the subject of crafting and creating Native American beadwork, in fact that is the title of the book, Native American Beadwork by Georg Barth (# ISBN-10: 0936984120 # ISBN-13: 978-0936984124). His exclamation upon receiving the bead cards, and then making a major purchase was "The vintage seed beads -- WHAT CAN I SAY??? DREAM BEADS!!!" We hope to do the same for you, supply you with vintage Italian seed beads that you consider as "Dream Beads!!!"

   You can browse our vintage Italian seed bead samples on our on line bead sample cards, we strongly urge you to buy the 6 card set of vintage Italian seed bead samples. Why? Because the cards have actual samples of the beads sewn to them and there is no better way to select the vintage beads that are right for you and the piece you have in mind to create, replicate, and/or restore!

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the best in vintage Italian seed beads!